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At Larkin’s Run, we are committed to providing your pet with the care and attention they deserve. To give you a better glimpse into our services and all that we offer, we invite you to read through the frequently asked questions below.

Do you supply pet food?

We have house foods (Blue Seal) chicken based kibble and all kinds of wet food. If your pet is on a high end or special diet, you may bring the whole bag or pre packaged bags but in a container that is easily stored. We have two refrigerators and a freezer for special needs.

Do you provide bowls, plates etc?

We have a thousand buckets, bowls, and plates both stainless and plastic. If you have a slow feed bowl, you can bring that but no ceramic bowls please.

Do you provide blankets, linens etc?

We have bedding, fleece blankets, baby blankets, bath towels, kennel cots and kennel decks.If you wish to bring something from home it must be able to be washed in a household washing machine. We do not have a commercial washer.

What if my pet is on medication?

If your pet is on any medication or supplements please make sure it is well marked and it will be administered as directed for no extra charge.

Do you give the pets treats?

Treats are readily available but you can bring your own special treats if your furry friends are picky or have allergies!

Should I pack toys?

You may bring a toy if needed but keep it simple, there is plenty of activity all day long to keep the animals stimulated and occupied.

Do the rooms have any electronics or entertainment?

We have Sirius Satellite radio beamed into all rooms to provide background noise and sooth the animals before bed. Usually 70’s music or some country!

What types of activities are available for my pet?

We have three play yards small, medium, and large for a one on one play time with your pet and a handler lasting 15 minutes. No co-mingling of pets just one on one with a bucket of tennis balls and frisbees. Leashwalks are also offered on 3 trails that zig zag through the woods for a nice scratch, sniff and bathroom walk around the fenced in property for about 10-12 minutes.

Does the kennel have air conditioning/heating?

We have 2 heating systems, both wood and propane. No air conditioning. We are an indoor/outdoor kennel so when we’re done cleaning, the doors to their runs are open all day long! A lot of fresh air! We do have floor fans, ceiling fans, and attic fans that create a wind tunnel. Everything in the kennel is tiled so the animals can lay their bellies on the nice cool tile and put their elbows on a towel.

What time should I drop off and pick up my pet? Do you offer tours?

Pick ups and drop offs, as well as tours are conducted all day during office hours. We are closed between the hours of 12pm-1pm for quiet time. We recommend that you drop off your pet early so they can get acclimated rather than later in the day.

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